Some Plaster Casts at the University of Manchester

The Samuel Alexander building is a home to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures (SALC), it has a wonderful collection of plaster casts of Ancient Greek Art. In this short post I am going to discuss three of the casts and talk about the history and symbolism of the originals and why plaster casts... Continue Reading →

More podcasts for ancient historians and archaeologists

Since graduating at the end of 2019, I have been listening to more and more podcasts about the ancient world, and although I have been returning to some of my old favourites, I have been expanding my horizons and listening to a greater variety.   Hellenistic Age Podcast: This podcast is another retelling of the... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review: 2019

2019 has been the first full year that Musings of Clio has been running, and it has given me lots of lessons about how increase my audience and improve my writing. I branched into writing study guides. As well as this, I have started to write about a broader range of topics, including Thrace, Egypt... Continue Reading →

Object Study: A Peculiar Mummiform Figure

This is my last post of my series 'Egyptian Society and Culture' as my module has now finished. I have found studying Egypt immensely interesting and has broadened my viewpoint considerably. This post is an object study of a strange object in the British Museum.  The object can also be viewed here. EA63979                                                               1936,0711.3 Dimensions:... Continue Reading →

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