Musings of Clio is going on a Hiatus. I have been struggling recently with a lot of things: mental health, work life balance and doing my university work. It is for this reason I that I am planning to stop writing for the blog for at least the next two months. However, do not despair,... Continue Reading →

Literature Review: Environmental History and the works of J. Donald Hughes

My MA dissertation is going to focus on regional and ecological differences in the Aegean Bronze Age, and as part of my preparations it was necessary to become familiar with some of the seminal works of environmental history. J. Donald Hughes was one of the individuals who helped to popularise the study of the environmental... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review: 2019

2019 has been the first full year that Musings of Clio has been running, and it has given me lots of lessons about how increase my audience and improve my writing. I branched into writing study guides. As well as this, I have started to write about a broader range of topics, including Thrace, Egypt... Continue Reading →

Object Study: A Peculiar Mummiform Figure

This is my last post of my series 'Egyptian Society and Culture' as my module has now finished. I have found studying Egypt immensely interesting and has broadened my viewpoint considerably. This post is an object study of a strange object in the British Museum.  The object can also be viewed here. EA63979                                                               1936,0711.3 Dimensions:... Continue Reading →


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