Online resources for the Aegean Bronze Age

The Lion Gate at Mycenae via Wikimedia Commons by David Monniaux

Now in the final months of MA Dissertation on Climate Change and Hydraulic Construction in Bronze Age Tiryns, I have been thinking about what comes next. I have also been thinking about the accessibility of Aegean Prehistory and what trusted resources are available for people interested in the subject. In this brief piece I list some of these online resources with a brief description and a link to the website.


Note: I am not affiliated with any of the organisations, I simply wish to promote these free to access tools as a way of making the subject more accessible to those interested.


Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology: A website created by Jeremy B. Rutter at Dartmouth College, it provides 29 lessons about the prehistory of the Aegean, with accompanying bibliographies and illustrations.

Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (Corpus of Minoan and Mycenaean seal): Despite being created by Heidelberg University, this database is also available in English. It provides a record of seals from a variety of museum collections from across the world.[layout]=siegel

DAMOS (Database of Mycenaean at Olso): This database of Mycenaean texts was created by the University of Oslo. It contains the Latinised forms of the tablets and you can search either by area or by specific tablet. Like the Corpus of Minoan and Mycenaean seals the data is available in English and has excellent instructions on how to use it most efficiently.

Nestor: An international bibliography of Aegean Studies, if you are looking for articles on Aegean Prehistory, this is the place to look. But as a bibliography it does not allow the download on these articles, my recommendation would be to use as way of finding these documents for free. Additionally, JSTOR has become a free to use resource during the Covid-19 Pandemic, allowing this to be another place to use Nestor’s recommendations.

The Wall Paintings of Tell el-Dab’a: A joint venture of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and the Ruhr-University Bochum, this website looks at the Aegean style paintings at the Tell el-Dab’a site in Egypt. It looks at the history and archaeology of the entire site and is an interesting resource for those interested in Bronze Age trade and cross-cultural connections.

EDITORS NOTE 26/11/2020: As I come across more online resources I will add them with note on the date added


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