This page will act as an index for all the projects that are posted on Musings of Clio.

Looking Death in the Face: ICUR 2018 – Completed November 2018

This project focused on how the identities of ancient people could be reconstructed from evidence on their tombstones. This study focuses on the city of Chester


Revision articles – Completed June 2019

A series of posts about the topics of my final undergraduate exams


The Achaean League and Collective Identity – Completed September 2019


A research project based upon my undergraduate dissertation, about the development of both the Achaean League and the identities of those who were part of this organisation.


Egyptian Society and Culture


These posts are based off weekly tasks I did as part of the Historical Studies of Ancient Egypt as part of my MA.


Heritage, Archaeology and Decolonisation (Ongoing)

An ongoing project where I look at issues of imperialism, racism and colonialism in the studies of the Ancient World, Classics, Heritage and Archaeology.


Study Guides (Ongoing) 


Photo by Christina Morillo on

Having finished university I am now going to try and write more specific guides and revision articles that are accessible for everyone: from GCSE to A Level to Degree level. This page will also include the content I have written about writing essays, dissertations and the shift of going from A Level to Degree Level


Tiryns: Climate Change or City Development?

The Cyclopean Masonry Walls of Tiryns | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

A new project based on my MA dissertation. It looks at whether climate change had a role in the development of Tiryns, and what it’s affects were in the surrounding areas. It specifically focuses on the Manessi River Dam as a case study on how multiple factors (climate, environmental, anthropogenic) can lead to development.