Fun in Ancient Egypt

Approaching the topic of fun in the ancient world is incredibly difficult but allows us the opportunity to explore the intimate lives of ancient people. Why and how people have fun reveals much about the society that they lived in and helps us to understand the stresses and anxieties that would have played on their … Continue reading Fun in Ancient Egypt

Object Study: A Peculiar Mummiform Figure

This is my last post of my series 'Egyptian Society and Culture' as my module has now finished. I have found studying Egypt immensely interesting and has broadened my viewpoint considerably. This post is an object study of a strange object in the British Museum.  The object can also be viewed here. EA63979                                                               1936,0711.3 Dimensions: … Continue reading Object Study: A Peculiar Mummiform Figure

Cross Cultural Connections in Ancient Egypt

My next task is to answer the question ‘“Egypt as a society was strongly xenophobic” Do you agree or disagree with statement? Provide evidence for your argument?’ I would argue that the reality is more complicated than saying whether the entirety of Egyptian society was xenophobic. The surviving evidence we have comes from a limited … Continue reading Cross Cultural Connections in Ancient Egypt

Decolonising Egyptology

This week I am tasked with answering this question: In what ways do you think Victorian social standards and taboos have influenced the study of Pharaonic Egypt? And do you think we have entirely moved past that in the modern age? When discussing the Victorian social standards, it is always important to consider the impact … Continue reading Decolonising Egyptology

Object Study: A Wooden Mirror in the British Museum

The next task was to undertake an object study of an item in the British Museum that may be considered a child's toy.  3. EA26336 1890,0530.1 Dimensions: (LxWxH): 27.3cm x 16.1cm x 2.76cm. Site: Thebes. Context: Not known; purchased by Rev. Greville Chester in 1890. Date: Archaic. Material: Wood. Description: The only image available for … Continue reading Object Study: A Wooden Mirror in the British Museum