Looking Death in the Face

Reconstruction of Roman Chester, displayed at the Grosvenor Museum. (Wikimedia Commons – By Łukasz Nurczyński – CC BY-SA 4.0)

“Identity is what is draped over a person by the groups of which he or she is part”
Lynn Meskell, Archaeologies of Social Life, p. 32

This page will display all the posts relating to ‘Looking Death in the Face’: Funerary art and society in Roman Chester’ a project I undertook for the International Conference of Undergraduate Research in 2018 (https://www.icurportal.com/).


Abstract – Staring Death in the Face

Part One: Burial Practice and Identity

Romano-British Burial Practice – The Heads in the River

Burial Practice in Roman Chester – The use of lead

Burial Practice in Roman Chester – The Intact Grave of Callimorphus and his son Serapion

Part Two: Iconography and Identity

Iconography and Identity: The Cavalrymen – Rider Reliefs

Iconography and Identity: The Cavalrymen – Aurelius Lucius

Iconography and Identity: Curatia Dinysia

Iconography and Identity: Slavery in Chester

Part Three:

Why is Identity important?

Looking Death in the Face – Closing thoughts



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