Egyptian Society and Culture

Papyrus | Public Domain

An index of posts about Ancient Egyptian Society and Culture:

Technology and Egyptology

Object Study: A Wooden Mirror in the British Museum

Private Religion in Amarna – Article Review

Decolonising Egyptology

Cross Cultural Connections in Ancient Egypt

Watch and Review – Dr Susanne Paulus | Debts, Crime, and Prison: Daily Life in Babylonia CA. 1200 BC

Object Study: A Sickle with Flint Blades in the British Museum

Justice in Egypt

Read and Review – Dr Katharina Zinn | Literacy in Pharaonic Egypt (2018)

Watch and Review – Dr Gil Stein | Sweet Honey in the Rocks: Bees, Beekeeping and Honey in the Ancient Near East (2016)

Object Study: A Peculiar Mummiform Figure