More podcasts for ancient historians and archaeologists

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Since graduating at the end of 2019, I have been listening to more and more podcasts about the ancient world, and although I have been returning to some of my old favourites, I have been expanding my horizons and listening to a greater variety.

Hellenistic Age Podcast:

This podcast is another retelling of the Hellenistic period, but as well as a chronological approach to the topic, it talks about the various themes of the Hellenistic period as well as looking at cultures that interacted with the Hellenistic world such as the Celts and the Romans.

Heritage Voices (#archpodnet):

This podcast discusses Native American perspectives on archaeology, ethnography and anthropology. With guests from different tribes, it discusses issues surrounding archaeology that affect indigenous communities, particularly cultural heritage management and the relationship between archaeology and identity.

The History of Ancient Greece Podcast:

An extensive podcast that covers all aspects of Greek history. Like the Hellenistic Age Podcast, it is a mix of the chronological and the thematic. Thematic episodes usually have an expert guest discussing the topic.

The History of Egypt Podcast:

A very well researched telling of the history of Egypt from the pre-dynastic period with plans to extend to the Roman period and beyond.

The History of Persia Podcast:

This podcast was created due to lack of podcast on the Empires of Persia and the Near East. Although a chronological telling of story, the episodes are also thematic and deal with many of the cultures that the Persians came into contact with, and wider themes such as religion and the role of kings.

The Women in Archaeology Podcast 

Also known as Issues in Archaeology, this podcast (Edit: which is now independent of ArchPodNet, but has a serious back catalogue on the site) deals with many issues that surround the field of archaeology, it tackles themes such as sexism in the field, pseudoscience, and archaeological crime. It also looks at the role of women in the field of archaeology and why a more diverse subject and more perspectives would improve the discipline.


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