A Variety of Podcasts

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Listening to podcasts is a great way to expand your knowledge and to learn more about the world in an easy going manner. I’ve found some excellent podcasts about archaeology and the ancient world that I want to share with you. Some have wide ranging topics, others are much more specialised, but all of them are great listening. Hope you enjoy my selection!

Ancient World Magazine PodcastHosted by archaeologist Josho Brouwers, this podcast is released very irregularly, but the high quality content and length of the episodes more than makes up for it. With a wide range of specialists joining for each episode it definitely worth a listen.

Apocalypse History: Hosted by PhD Candidate Dan Lowes, this podcast deals with the rise of the Hellenistic World and it takes its name from the definition of apocalypse as an event that involves destruction and damage on a catastrophic scale. A very well researched retelling of the rise of the Hellenistic Period, and very useful for those who study Hellenistic History!

ArchaeoAnimals: A podcast that deals with the archaeology of humanity’s relationship with animals. Each episode deals with a different type of animal and how its relationship with humans is presented in the archaeological data. Presented by Zooarchaeologists Alex Fitzpatrick and Simona Falanga. (hosted by the Archaeology Podcast Network)

Classics ConfidentialA podcast network that covers almost all aspects of the Classics. As well as audio they do videos about the ancient world. It originated as a project by Open University Lecturers Jessica Hughes and Elton Barker to interview many different researchers for them to discuss their research, but has expanded greatly since then.

The Modern MythA podcast that deals with how history and archaeology are received in the modern world. It often deals with issues of decolonisation and the appropriation of archaeological knowledge by the alt-right; an incredibly interesting and relevant listen. (hosted by the Archaeology Podcast Network)


This list isn’t exhaustive, it just lists my favourites. If you have any recommendations of podcasts about the Ancient World that you want to add, please let me know.

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